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pimp_s Soho: the heart of London's sex industry. Stanley (Danny Dyer) rules the dark and sleazy world, employing hustler and pimp Woody (Robert Cavanah) as his right hand man. But Woody is having one of the worst weeks of his life, topped off when one of his girls (Barbara Nedeljakova) goes missing. Now, with a gangland turf war escalating, Woody finds himself on the run through the seedy Soho underworld and questioning his whole life - a life he now finds spiraling brutally out of control.
Director: Robert Cavanah
Duration: 88minutes
Rating: R18+
Genre: Thriller
Cat No: 2521
Actors: Danny Dyer; Robert Cavanah; Billy Boyd; Gemma Chan; Barbara Nedeljakova
Year of Production: 2010
Audio: 2.0
Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Retail Price (inc GST): $19.95
Format (DVD, Blu ray, etc): DVD
Packaging: Amaray
Number of Discs: 1