Hell Hath No Fury

Due for Release: May 2022
$ 29.95
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HELL HATH NO FURY is the story of one woman who single-handedly takes on the might of the German war machine, the French resistance, and a band of US infantrymen. Branded a traitor by her countrymen, French national Marie is rescued by American soldiers on one condition: to survive, she must lead them to a cache of gold—before the Nazis return to claim it for themselves.

Product Information
Director: Jesse V. Johnson Audio: 5.1
Actors: Nina Bergman, Daniel Bernhardt & Louis Mandylor Aspect Ratio: 16.9
Duration: 89 minutes Language: English
Rating: MA15+ Subtitles: Nil
Consumer Advice: Strong violence Retail Price (inc GST): $29.95
Genre: Action Format: DVD
Cat No: 3488 For Fans Of: Inglorious Basterds, War Pigs & Fury
Year of Production: 2021 Reviews: IMDB