The Last Word
Lastword-BD A darkly comic film centering on an odd-but-gifted poet, Evan Merck (Wes Bentley) who makes his living writing suicide notes for the soon-to-be departed. One day, while attending the funeral of a client Evan meets Charlotte (Winona Ryder) the free-spirited sister of the deceased. Blissfully unaware of Evans true connection to her late brother, Charlotte becomes fascinated by the introverted writer and love blossoms between the unlikely pair. Evan finds himself juggling an ever-increasing mountain of lies, an amorous new girlfriend, and a sarcastic new client (Ray Romano).
Director: Geoffrey Haley
Duration: 90 minutes
Rating: MA15+
Genre: Comedy
Cat No: 2329
Actors: Wes Bentley, Winona Ryder, Ray Romano
Producers: David Hillary, Alexandra Milchan, Timothy Wayne Peternel, Bonnie Timmermann, Jack Utsick
Year of Production: 2008
Audio: 5.1 / dts-HD
Aspect Ratio: 16.9 / Full HD 1080
Retail Price (inc GST): $19.95
Format (DVD, Blu-ray, etc): Blu-ray
Packaging: Amaray
Number of Discs: 1
Special Features:
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Image Gallery
  • Trailers