Shiloh 2 - A Dog's Tale

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Shiloh 2 - A Dog's Tale
thumb_shiloh2 The big hearted little beagle and his resourceful master return in Shiloh 2 - A Dogs Tale, the second movie in the trilogy. Marty, whose run-ins with a neighbour who mistreats his dog put Marty on a problem filled path called growing up. Marty's caring father and genial Doc Wallace help him confront his troubles responsibly. But Shiloh teaches Marty best - by heroically saving the life of the man who mistreated him.
Director: Sandy Tung
Duration: 93 minutes
Rating: PG
Genre: Family / Adventure
Cat No: 2237
Actors: Scott Wilson, Michael Moriarty
Producer: Carl Borack, Dale Rosenbloom
Rental ReleaseDate: 26.08.08
Retail Release Date: 26.08.08
Year of Production: 1999
Audio: AC3
Aspect Ratio: 4.3
Retail Price (inc GST): $9.95
Format (DVD, Blue Ray, etc): DVD
Packaging: Red Tag
Number of Discs: 1